Flights & Feelings

“We are now over 10,000 feet; you are free to move about the cabin.”

The wings of the airplane pierce through the clouds at unspeakable speeds, Breaking them apart until they no longer appear; The once beautiful cotton balls, like Kleenex, holding the tears of the world; Become nothing but droplets of water on my window.

This is the feeling I get when you drift into my mind, my every thought and emotion is torn apart, I can’t comprehend what is going on inside of me, but none of that matters to you. You continue flying to your destination with remnants of me on your mind. You see me, you feel me, but you have no reason to stop.

Where you are going is more important than the mild turbulence my storm may cause along the way.

“Please return to your seat; we are now preparing for descent.”



The Corporate Version of Nani Pelekai

Bay Area living brand exec who, like everyone else, is fighting against letting my job become my identity.